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Over/Under // USA Network

The Impossibilities // Web Series (Vimeo Staff Pick)

The Eyes of My Mother  // Feature Horror Film (Sundance)

Law & Order // NBC

Elementary // CBS

Apparition  // Short Horror Film

Full Films

Negative Feedback Loop

USC School of Cinematic Arts MFA short film about one woman's desperate attempt to break the loop of self-destructive thoughts.


Short supernatural drama about two best friends deciding to go on an impromptu Bosnian vacation. 

Starring Flora Diaz as Meg and Lucy Walters ("Get Shorty") as Jess.



Short Drama about a young mother with postpartum depression.

Starring Flora Diaz as Maria and Gabriel Sloyer ("Power") as Danny. 


Trailer for a Feature Drama "Emina," about a Bosnian war survivor who runs into her rapist in modern day NYC. 

Starring Flora Diaz as Emina and Jack Kesy ("Claws") as Zoran.

Emina 2.JPG

Bela Lugosi's Dead

Music Video for Nouvelle Vague’s song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,” starring Flora Diaz as part of the Ensemble.

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