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Death and the Maiden


"It is Diaz’s nuanced portrayal of Paulina that occupies the center of “Death and the Maiden.’’ She endows Paulina with a kind of reverberating stillness that demands your attention."

~ The Boston Globe


"Diaz steals the show with her layered performance, swinging from coolly etched reason to explosive passion and sticking the landing every time."


 "Flora Diaz is riveting" ~ Broadway World

digboston (interview with Flora)

The Eyes of My Mother

(World Premiere: 2016 Sundance; Released by Magnet Releasing)

"The actresses playing victims (Flora Diaz and Clara Wong) are able to achieve sympathy with little screen time, something that films with even larger ensembles often fail to do."

~ Bloody Disgusting Sundance Review


New York Times Critics' Pick


Hollywood Reporter


Roger Ebert




"Flora Diaz, the striking actress who is “I”, our semi-reliable narrator, turns out to be the only one with a fixed role to play, and even that is blurred around the edges."

~ Ben Brantley, The New York Times



How to Act Around Cops

(Winner: Fringe First, Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Best Playwright & Best Director, NY Fringe)


"Some dry-as-Nevada-desert perfromances create an atmosphere that evokes the absurdity of David Lynch. Andrew Breving's acerbically sinister Barnum and Flora Diaz's ditsily kinky Steph are especially striking."

~ Time Out London


"The acting is simply flawless, as swift, clever, and focused as the play itself, and as full of a blazing sense of purpose"

The Scotsman



"Diaz puts a compassionate spin on the lead character’s tightly wound defensiveness, and her gradual transformation into obsession is striking."

~ Village Voice


"Enfrascada does a brilliant tightrope walk between silly comedy and film noir. Alicia (Flora Diaz) quite literally loses her mind, and one leaves the theater haunted by her mad smiling face, transfixed as she shakes a witch doctor's ridiculous jar."

~ The New York Times


"The cast is unanimously excellent."

The L Magazine



"Flora Diaz is especially moving when we discover the terrible knowledge that her high spirits mask."

~ New York Times


Donnie Darko


"The scene with Donnie and girlfriend-to-be (Flora Diaz) at a bus stop is almost startling in its unexpected honesty."

~ Variety

Tooth and Claw


"The most appealing of these other characters is Ana (Flora Diaz), the research station's secretary. In addition to being pregnant she provides much of the play's comic relief and much of the counterpoint to Baines's knee-jerk protectionism. 

~ The New York Times

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